Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chris & Heather

ok, this is the best JUMP shot of all time (for me) on the image to see it larger.

I LOVE this image

Ok, by POPULAR DEMAND, Little John

Chris and Heather are adorable together!

The Wedding Party!

I feel like these portraits truly captured their personalities...I live for moments, and I love Chris's mother watching their first dance. Note the hands in both frames...

This is my favorite from the day, but then again, I'm a sucker for trees : )

I think I have known Chris for 6-7 years? I went to college with his lovely bride Heather. So needless to say, when they told me they we're getting married, I knew I had the job! They are seriously one of the sweetest couples I have had the pleasure of knowing and working are few from their special day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kris & Courtney Wedding

Kris and Courtney saw each other before the wedding which allowed us to produce a ton of creative images. Here are just a few from the day that I love, have good honeymoon guys!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Justin & Jessie Engagement

Justin and Jessie are the kind of clients I will become life-long friends with and they are very much in love! I really enjoyed this session and look forward to their wedding!

Kris & Courtney Engagement

What a sweet couple! I love Courtney's laugh & there is something about it that makes everyone feel good. Look at the natural reaction to each other and the overall chemistry between this couple from Baltimore.