Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jim & Bridgid

Some of my weddings take me all over, this had me travel to Jackson PA which is between Scranton and Binghamton NY. My long time friend Bridgid was getting married on the farm where she grew up as a child. It had been years since I visited the place but what a treasure chest of vintage goodies.
I love this chair and these shoes together. The braiding on the shoes echo’s the back of the chair. I was told it was discovered in the basement after years of neglect.
Preparation of the veil, love this silhouette...
Bridgid is one of the sweetest brides I ever had the pleasure of working for...All day she was big smiles and full of laughter. No matter the stress, she never lost her cool!
I shot the jewelry she would wear in front of her great grandmothers portrait, the ring was hers. I love to work in family history into my brides wedding photos.
Parents of the Bride, Mr. & Mrs. Corrigan, they are truly some of the sweetest people I ever meant. They treat everyone like their own family. They raised 5 of their own children and over 32 foster children. That’s a great legacy!
Lots of children in this family, Bridgids nephews + Jims Son and neice. I love this photo, they are soooo cute!!!
This is my favorite, this is their personalities and I love this old barn for texture.
You couldnt help but SMILE when your around Bridgid, she was such a gorgeous bride!
Ok, so it rained, none to worry, we used their parent’s living room for portraits, this place gave me so many ideas!

After the rain had stopped, John put on one heck of a fireworks show! WOW!

I couldn't get any cell service up there and for a second I felt pretty disconnected from my life. By the end of the trip I realized how addicted to technology I was and how nice it was to be away from cell phones, computers, internet and cable news.

Reality came crashing back in as the next day when I found myself back in NYC. I am looking to get my MFA in Photography as I am starting to teach more and more. Congrats to Jim and Bridgid, You are both truly sweet people and it was an honor to share in such a beautiful moment of time with you, I miss you already!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dave & Emily

David married Emily back in May and I wanted to post a few of my favorites from their wedding. These photos get so much attention, everyone loves the yellow brick road. It was honor to even to be at his wedding as David and Emily are wonderful people and wonderful leaders in their churches. Thank you both for the amazing opportunity to capture your special day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dean & Amy

Fellow photographer and long time friend Dean Beattie married Amy yesterday. They had an intimate ceremony in their back yard of Carnegie. Both are professional photographers, Amy is a commercial and Dean is fine art and weddings. They asked me to stop over and take a couple shots for them. What a fun time! BTW the temps were like 90 + humidity. Congrats to Dean and Amy, I am truly happy for you!

Catch a quick slideshow of my shots...

This unique necklace was very vintage, it belonged to Amy's grandmother and the wings moved.I love this shot of Amys son, almost as if you can see a bit sadness in him to give his mother away : ) She is in good hand little fella! Ha ha, this cracks me up, notice her son wandering around with the HUGH Orange gun, LOL! Love the contrast!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

John & Carolyn

Saturday John and Carolyn tied the knot in Shadyside at the beautiful Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Carolyn found me through a mutual friend Danielle whom I love dearly and want to thank personally for connecting us. Carolyn is from here originally but just moved back from San Francisco. John is from Scotland, but they met in the most romantic city on earth, Prague!

Hmmm, this looks a bit set up, LOL! Carolyn is tossing while Danielle, Sera and Lauren (little girl) make every effort for reception...They make such a sweet couple and I love seeing Carolyn’s face glow in all these pictures! She was so happy all day. There was a bounce in her step everywhere she went. That joy spread through all our hearts just watching her live in the moment. Congratulations John and Carolyn!!!! Thank you for letting me capture the moments that defined a very special day! And special thanks to my former student Sera for assisting me on this shoot.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ian & Amy

Amy loved my work with bridges and what better icon for a Pittsburgh Wedding? We chose the glorious 16th street bridge.

Their ceremony was very non-traditional and my favorite part was a ritual with a glass of wine. Amy and Ian held the glass up and had everyone think & say positive thoughts about their marriage into the glass, then they drank it together.

Ian & Amy just purchased their first house and decided to have their wedding in the back yard. Its a beautiful house tucked away in my old stomping grounds of Spring Hill which is in Pittsburgh's Historical Northside.Everything was organic and earthy at this wedding. Amy is amazing at the beautiful details!
As always, I count it an honor to share in this day with my clients. A place is carved in my heart for each one and I love them dearly. Thank you Ian and Amy for letting me share in this day of beauty!