Sunday, July 12, 2009

Justin & Jessie Wedding

Talk about your fairy tale weddings, Justin and Jessie's wedding was one people dream of...First off, the church was incredible! Calvary United Methodist in the beautiful old city of Allegheny (Pittsburgh’s Northside). The church opened somewhere around 1899 after a fire destroyed the previous one. The Heinz and Mellon families were the primary contributors to the rebuilding. The amazing fact is that Louis Tiffany himself came to Pittsburgh for 6 months and personally made the stain glass windows in this church. Some of the stain glass is up to 3 inches thick and up to Nine Thousand pieces of glass! Check this out:

Jessie and Justin had a secret rondevu before their ceremony at the Carnegie Institute in Oakland. Jessie loved the shot from Courtney’s wedding and wanted one of her own. I do love that space, no matter how many times its used, its always gorgeous...Do they look AMAZING or what? Is her gown is breathtaking or what? Justin had a few surprises up his sleeve. He totally surprised her with a horse and carriage when they came out of the church.

...and a romantic ride through the historic West Park!

There was so much beauty in the church, it was hard to leave...I love this back spiraling stair case in the back of the church.
Look at their figures against a sheet of blur as Justin and Jessie take their first dance. At the reception, everyone came ready to DANCE! The entire dance floor joins hands...

I didnt catch this girls name but man was she fun!
Needless to say, thanks to alot of planning, this wedding was a total success! Congrats to Jessie and Justin, enjoy your honeymoon and see ya when you get back!

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Jessie said...

Joey, we can't thank you enough for the wonderful work that you have done for us. It was so much fun to work with you, and we LOVE our engagement and wedding pictures! They are a wonderful mix of being artsy, vintage, and yet still elegant, which is exactly what we were looking for.