Monday, February 15, 2010

Tom & Leah (Engagement)

We shot this in 22 degrees...ouch! But we had some fun!!! Tom and Leah I cant wait for June...


Anonymous said...

all the picture are so lovely, they should be in a magazine. wonderful work and a wonderful couple. congrats to them! love you tom and leah
aunt Jill

Anonymous said...

these pictures turned out amazing. we had so much fun, and this shoot really braught us closer together.
We are not a very serious couple and to just enjoy eachother, and look into eachother's eyes, we were truely reminded how much we loved eachother and braught out the excitement of getting married. Tom is my best friend and these pictures captured how much we care for eachother, they aren't posed fake pictures, we both truely felt something so emotional and personal when we were doing this shoot. I've watched our video about 5,000 times and still laugh and cry and just smile everytime i watch it. For anyone who looks at joey's work he is a truely amazing and talented photographer and a wonderful person. We made the best choice possible by putting our wedding into his hands! we love you joey! Leah and Tom