Monday, August 3, 2009

Ian & Amy

Amy loved my work with bridges and what better icon for a Pittsburgh Wedding? We chose the glorious 16th street bridge.

Their ceremony was very non-traditional and my favorite part was a ritual with a glass of wine. Amy and Ian held the glass up and had everyone think & say positive thoughts about their marriage into the glass, then they drank it together.

Ian & Amy just purchased their first house and decided to have their wedding in the back yard. Its a beautiful house tucked away in my old stomping grounds of Spring Hill which is in Pittsburgh's Historical Northside.Everything was organic and earthy at this wedding. Amy is amazing at the beautiful details!
As always, I count it an honor to share in this day with my clients. A place is carved in my heart for each one and I love them dearly. Thank you Ian and Amy for letting me share in this day of beauty!


Lou Murray said...

You are a brilliant photographer. Nobody could have captured the event as well as you did

Lou Murray said...

And now that I have looked at some more of your work I am truly amazed at the talent you have been gifted with.
I studied with some very good photographers but your eyes and artistry give something very special that I only wish I could do.
Thank you for documenting this event.
I hope I can purchase some prints of the wedding soon.

JoeyKennedy Weddings said...

Hi Lou,

Thank you so much for the kind words. The photos will be online within 30 days of the event. You will be able purchase prints and keepsakes. Modern books or coffee table books work well with my style be I am a story teller...

Thank you again for the kind words and I am really happy you love the images, I do too!

Anonymous said...

We are so glad to have worked with Joey- he is world class and so much fun! Our photo shoot was an adventure, fun, spontaneous and very creative. He was really great at showing our personalities through the pictures. He guides you and brings a light-hearted airy and humorous spirit to the experience. He is really good at helping you to feel comfortable so that you shine! Wonderful photographer and person!!