Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rick & Amanda

Saturday it rained NON-STOP (a total surprise for September weather). However, Amanda didnt complain once nor did she get discourage! It was a true example to me of how to be when things dont work out the way you planned.

Amanda's dream was a candle lit ceremony! It was a bit tricky to pull off without ruining the ambiance with flash. I used my fastest glass and worked with the turned out beautiful!
Thank you Amanda & Rick for letting me share this day with you, no matter the weather your day was simply beautiful!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ben & Jackie (The Wedding @ Phipps)

Ben & Jackie pulled out the stops & had the most beautiful wedding at Phipps Conservancy in Oakland. The place drips with style and lush accoutrements. But before we get started, I took the boys up a few blocks from the hotel to this AWESOME vintage bill board. Love that black on black! Little did I know how much FUN I was going to have today here is quick preview of my favorites!
Jackie picked out the colors of these bouquets and I love them!

Phipps has so many goodies, this is from a beautiful reflecting pool on the opposite side.

Is this place amazing or what?

The ceremony was so elegant with a string quartet playing

I love their faces, they are soooo happy!!!

More from this awesome reflecting pool, I just love the Victorian feel to this place.

Ok, this was an awesome wedding party to worked with…
they are all actors and not one of them was shy!

Look at the sky opening up, I can see eternity in light like that...

I started to sing we’re off to see the wizard and Ben said, “Joey, don’t or they will.”

Ben & Jackie had the most amazing first dance, so precious
So theatrical and choreographed, I love it!

More of Amazing Phipps!

Oh my!

Dude, these people got down!

They REALLY get down, literally!!! WOW!

This wedding meant a lot to me personally. I worked with Jackie for a couple years and she always took time to look at all my photos and encourage me. She promised me I would shoot her wedding one day and when the time came, she booked me without hesitation! I am very grateful to have known Jackie and Ben as friends, but even more honored they chose me to do such a special job. Thank you, I had a blast!!!

I would also like to shout out to my friends who also supported me in their own way and it warmed my heart to see you all. Too bad we didnt see them on the DANCEFLOOR, Hmmm.

God has given me this talent and it’s a joy to touch people lives with it. Love you guys!

Jackie hired Ansley Santarcangelo to coordinate her wedding day at Phipps, she is one of the BEST COORDINATORS I have worked with to date and HIGHLY recommend her! Check out

Ansleys Website here

Must sleep now : )

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Devon & Sarah

What a day for photography! Saturday was the prettiest weather I ever saw since I have been shooting weddings! Sarah & Devon saw each other before the ceremony and we had the best portrait session. I surprised them with some beautiful spaces and we listen to Sigur Ros while shooting.
Sarah had a beautiful gown and so did her the little girls in her wedding!This might be my new favorite Groomsmen portrait!The light came ripping through on the buddle exit, was perfect!I love this shot of Sarah! Something tells me she and Devon are gonna have kids : )

Hands down, the great catch I ever recorded! Click on this to view it LARGE!These are a few of my favorites from the day, I will post a few more as I get time. Thanks again to Sarah, Devon and her parents, Mr & Mrs Hatt for having me to shoot this beautiful wedding!
Happy Labor Day!!!!