Sunday, September 6, 2009

Devon & Sarah

What a day for photography! Saturday was the prettiest weather I ever saw since I have been shooting weddings! Sarah & Devon saw each other before the ceremony and we had the best portrait session. I surprised them with some beautiful spaces and we listen to Sigur Ros while shooting.
Sarah had a beautiful gown and so did her the little girls in her wedding!This might be my new favorite Groomsmen portrait!The light came ripping through on the buddle exit, was perfect!I love this shot of Sarah! Something tells me she and Devon are gonna have kids : )

Hands down, the great catch I ever recorded! Click on this to view it LARGE!These are a few of my favorites from the day, I will post a few more as I get time. Thanks again to Sarah, Devon and her parents, Mr & Mrs Hatt for having me to shoot this beautiful wedding!
Happy Labor Day!!!!


Rin said...

Long time no see. I decided to check in on your flickr page, because every once in awhile I enjoy looking at good art. Your new stuff has completely blown me away. It's awesome that your now getting to do what you love full time. I love how you've taken the typically trade of photographers (weddings) and brought real art into it. It's amazing to see what someone with your talent and abilities can do with photos. Anyway I wish you the best of luck in your new full-time career, and keep posting.

JoeyKennedy Weddings said...

Thank you so much Rin. I really appreciate the visit and compliments. I am very happy now :) My life has been so blessed many times over!